Case 7
Águas do Porto (Porto Public Water Company, AdP) is responsible for the sustainable integrated management of the entire urban water cycle in the coastal municipality of Porto (Portugal). AdP delivers an average of 45,490 cubic meters of water daily and collects about the same amount of effluent for treatment. The density and complexity of the Port's water supply and water infrastructure makes it necessary to manage the urban water cycle in an integrated manner and complicates the requirements for integrating various existing systems in a company. To integrate information from various software systems, AdP decided to use Digital Twins in what they called Integrated Water Management of the Urban Water Cycle, H2Porto. The overall solution integrated several systems including OpenFlows FLOOD, OpenFlows WaterGEMS, OpenFlows SewerGEMS and ACTION Server. The team created fully integrated Digital Twins of the city's water, waste and stormwater systems, as well as beach and bathing pool systems. The Digital Twins were then used to predict floods and water quality problems, improve city services and responsiveness, and ensure the resilience of water infrastructure. In the first phase of the project, a unified environment was created from more than H2Porto technology platform for the integrated management of the urban water cycle of Porto 20 sources to integrate data from customer service management systems, billing, maintenance, project management, asset accounting, operating systems, systems laboratory management, GIS, SCADA and many others. The instrumentation data integration challenge addressed in Phase II required the integration of sensor, telemetry and remote control data, including 30,000 telemetry meters and more than 200 devices.
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