Case 6
To avoid mistakes, omissions and conflicts, Chengdu Urban Construction Investment Management Group Co, Ltd required a high level of coordination during the design phase.
To address these issues, the team used Bentley's open-source modeling applications powered by ProjectWise software and created Digital Twins of all project assets. OpenBridge Modeler was used to model bridge structures and develop a strategy to minimize the impact on local traffic, and OpenRoads was used to design 64 different roads. ProjectWise software was chosen to store information about the road network needed to traffic simulation and helped the team improve internal efficiency by 20%, detect and resolve 16 conflicts, and reduce construction drawing time by 120 hours. Using LumenRT for visualization reduced the approval process by 15%, resulting in additional time and cost savings. "The intelligent transport system and the digital model are the foundation of the digital city. Digital twins provide a lightweight model that extends the use of BIM applications beyond the project to prepare digital assets. Digital twins can be directly used by the owner in planning, construction, demolition and other management tasks," notes Yanxiang Wang, BIM Engineer, Chengdu Urban Construction Investment Management Group Co, Ltd.
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