Case 2
Full integration of Bentley's ContextCapture and OpenRoads software products powered by MicroStation has enabled collaborative and automated digital surveying workflows throughout the lifecycle of a mining operation. This was made possible thanks to the technology of obtaining a digital prototype of the enterprise, starting with the planning of mining operations and their visualization in three-dimensional planning.
The positive effect of Bentley software products in reducing the time for modeling the digital twin of a mining enterprise and expanding the range of problem solving at the enterprise is that many processes are automated:
• modeling of drilling and blasting blocks;
• obtaining preliminary calculations of drilling and blasting volumes;
• simulation of excavators entering for overburden mining, with the receipt of the scope of work;
• production of a three-dimensional visualization of the planning of the scope of work in terms of the timing of the development of the deposit;
• Obtaining dynamic sections of the model in order to demonstrate and conduct analysis for making design decisions in the development of a mineral deposit.

Relief model of the bottom of the flooded mountain workings with gradation in depth
Модель рельефа дна затопленной горной
выработки с градацией по глубине
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