Design, build and operate infrastructure more efficiently using Bentley software.
Seequent helps you find new ways to solve complex problems, manage risk, and make informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of large-scale projects.

These projects include the construction of road and rail tunnels, groundwater detection and management, geothermal exploration, underwater infrastructure mapping and resource assessment.

Software Products
  • MicroStation leading CAD in the field of infrastructure design.

    OpenCities Map
    Software for working with GIS data and creating maps.

    OpenRoads software you need to successfully implement road and highway projects, from conceptual and detailed design to construction and operation.

    ContextCapture digital 4D context for digital twins.

    Orbit software for 3D and mobile mapping.

    SYNCHRO integrated management of the construction of infrastructure facilities in one place.
  • Leapfrog Geo is the leading 3D geological modeling software for the mining and exploration industry.

    Leapfrog Works
    helps you visualize and better understand data so that users can better communicate potential risks to stakeholders at all technical levels and make better decisions on all civil engineering and environmental projects.

    to integrate all your data to confidently create accurate geoengineering models.

    Seequent Central
    for visualizing, tracking, integrating and managing geological data in a centralized auditable environment.
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